Used in conjunction with its built-in BitTorrent™ client, the network drive can be set to download media files from the Internet and have them saved directly to the internal hard drive. Once the torrent has been added to the download queue, the computer can be turned off and the network drive downloads the files on its own.

Starting a Download

Before you add the first torrent, set the download path to your preferred folder, set the server port and set a limit for the upload and download speed according to your network’s bandwidth. After changing the settings, save the new configuration.

  1. Use a search engine (e.g. Google) and browse the internet for the media files you would like to download. Download and store the torrent file(s) on your computer.

  2. Login to your network drive and go to the BitTorrent menu.

  3. Click Browse and locate your torrent file on the computer.

  4. The file is added to the download queue and the download starts automatically. You can now turn off your computer if desired.

  5. Use the buttons “Continue”, “Pause”, “Stop” and “Delete” to manage the files.

  6. Once the download process starts, further information about the selected file will be available at the bottom of the window under “General” and “Detail”.

  7. Once the download is completed, you can delete the file from the download queue and access the file via SMB, WebDAV or FTP connection in the directory that you have previously set under “Download Path”.

The BitTorrent™ client can download 4 files at a time with a maximum of 40 files in the queue. The download speed of the built-in BitTorrent™ client may not be as fast as a client on the computer, but once the Torrent has been added to the queue, it can download the files by itself and the computer can be turned off.

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