Folder opens the available directories on the network drive via WebDAV connection. You can access, view and download your files directly in your web browser.

Default Login

Username guest
Password “blank” (no password required)
  1. Open your web browser, connect to the network drive and on the home page, click Folder.

  2. Login either with the guest account or if you have set it up, another user account.

  3. All available directories and files are displayed in list view directly in your web browser.

  4. The Icon view will re-arrange the files and display them in icon view. The icon indicates the file type but it is not an actual preview of the file. The Preview view will show large icons and in case of images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF), it will display a small preview of the actual image.

Preview only works for images with the file extension *.jpg, *.png, *.gif and *.tif.
Instead of using the “Folder” link on the home page, you can also go to “Share Server” in the “Server Settings” menu. Select the “WebDAV Service” tab and there you can copy either the internal or the external URL, depending on where your computer is currently located.
If you would like to upload and manage files via WebDAV connection, mount the network drive similar to how you would do it for a SMB connection. The main difference is that for SMB, both the network drive and the computer have to be on the same local network, whereas for WebDAV it also works when done remotely (loading and transfer speed are usually slower when done outside the local network).

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