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Sleep Time

To save energy and keep the drive cool, we recommend setting the sleep time. Select a time from the list between 10 to 60 minutes. When the drive is idle for longer than the set time, it will automatically go into stand-by mode and spin down.

If you need immediate access to the drive, set it to “Disable” and the drive will keep spinning at all times.

Format Disk

Use this tool to format your hard drive and prepare it for the network drive. When you format the hard drive using this disk utility, it will create a single partition using the exFAT file system. If you create other partitions or choose a different file system when connected through USB, keep in mind that the network drive is only able to recognize the first partition and it has to be exFAT!

In order to access the exFAT partition when the device is connected via USB, Windows XP requires Service Pack 2 or later and Windows Vista requires Service Pack 1 or later.

exFAT driver update for Windows XP and Server 2003
exFAT driver update for Windows Vista is part of SP1
Formatting the drive will erase all data and settings, as well as deleting the SMB folders and FTP accounts!


Here you can update the firmware for your network drive.

  1. Download the latest firmware and loader from your vendor’s website.

  2. Store the files on your computer and decompress them if necessary.

  3. Click Browse and locate the firmware (*.BIN file) on your computer.

  4. Select and open the new firmware to start the update process.

  5. Click OK to confirm the firmware update.

  6. During the update process, take no other actions and make sure the power is left on! This might take a few minutes.

  7. Once the update process is completed you will be prompted to reboot the system.

  8. Click OK to close the pop-up window.

  9. Go to Reboot and click Reboot to restart the system.

  10. Click OK three times to confirm the restart.

  11. The system is now restarting. Please wait for about 60 seconds and then login again to check if the firmware version has been uploaded correctly.

If there is a new update available, the FW update LED lights up green and you can push the FW update button to update the firmware. The light turns off as soon as you push the button but wait about 30 seconds for the firmware update to complete and the system to restart.
Never turn off your device or remove the power during the firmware update procedure as it may cause irreparable damage!


If you experience unexpected problems and after updating the firmware, we recommended to reset all settings. Resetting the device will set all settings, except the SMB and FTP accounts, back to its original factory default settings.

  1. Click Reset.

  2. Click OK three times to confirm and reset all settings.

  3. Click OK to close the confirmation window and reboot the device.

Resetting the device does not delete any of your media files that are stored on the network drive.


This can be used to restart the network drive after a firmware update. Make sure all current operations are completed before rebooting the device.

  1. Click Reboot to restart the system.

  2. Click OK three times to confirm the restart.

  3. The system is now restarting. Please wait for about 60 seconds and then login again.

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