This is a NAS (network attached storage) device that can also be used as a DAS (direct attached storage) device. If you want to make use of both, please make sure to follow the instructions below.

DO NOT CONNECT WITH THE USB 3.0 CABLE BEFORE FOLLOWING THE HARD DRIVE FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! If you connect via USB 3.0 before formatting the hard drive via the instructions below you will need to reformat the hard drive before using the NAS functions and therefore lose all data stored on the hard drive.
  1. Install a hard drive

  2. Connect the ETHERNET cable (Do NOT connect the USB 3.0 cable)

  3. Connect the power cord and turn on the device

  4. Use your computer and open the web browser to login to

  5. Enter the MAC Address of your unit (printed on the bottom label)

    If you are unable to login via the web portal at, use the Nettool and search for the device on the local network. For more details, see Nettool for Windows or Nettool for Mac.
  6. Click on the “Settings” icon (far right)

  7. Input the default username: admin

  8. Input the default password: admin (we highly recommend that you change the default username and password after finishing these steps)

  9. Hover over the “System Settings” icon (2nd from left) and click Maintain from the dropdown menu

  10. Click on the Disk tab (far left)

  11. Click Format

  12. You will be asked to click OK three times

  13. Click OK three times

  14. You will see a “Format Successful” message

You are now using the NAS function of this device. In order to use the DAS (USB 3.0) function, please turn off the device, unplug the Ethernet cable and attach the USB 3.0 cable. Please do not attach both cables at the same time as the system will only recognize one of the two cables (Ethernet or USB 3.0) at any given time. The system must be turned off and restarted each time the cables are changed.

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