System Information


Host Name

By default, the host name is set to use the MAC address. This name is used to identify your device on the network. If you prefer a different name that is easier to remember, change the name and click Apply.

When selecting a new host name, make sure to use a unique name and not one that has already been used on the local network. When applying the new name, it will check if the new name is still available and then register it. If the name has already been taken, please enter a new name and try again.

Group Name

This should be the same name as your workgroup. In general, the default WORKGROUP will work, but if your workstation belongs to a different group, change it and click Apply to save it.



This is the account used to manage your network drive. The user name “admin” cannot be changed but we strongly recommend changing the password as soon as you have logged in for the first time, to prevent any unauthorized access. To change the password, enter your new password, verify it and click OK to apply the changes.

Date and Time


If internet access is available, we recommend setting the renew mode to “Automatic”. Select a time server from the list, enable daylight savings if required and then click Save to apply the new settings. It will automatically synchronize the date & time over the internet with a time server.


When set to “Manually”, you can enter the date & time manually and click Save to apply the settings. You can also click on Sync with PC to synchronize the time with your computer.

The date and time settings are only accurate as long as the power is turned on. If the renew mode is set to “Manually” and you turn off or remove the power supply, the date and time are reset! If the renew mode is set to “Automatic” and a time server is selected, it will automatically synchronize the time at start up.

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