USB Device

When the device is not connected to the network, it can also be used as a simple USB mass storage device. The user accounts and access rights used for the network drive do not apply to the USB drive. When connected directly to the computer via USB, all data can be accessed and modified by that user!

  1. Login via a web browser, stop all current downloads and then turn off the power.

  2. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and connect the USB cable to the USB device port on the network drive and to the USB port on your computer.

  3. Turn on the power.

  4. The USB drive will automatically appear under “My Computer” for Windows users or on the desktop for Mac users.

The device has to be turned off to change it from acting as USB drive to a network drive and vise versa. When both USB cable and Ethernet cable are connected, the USB connection has priority and it will act as USB drive until disconnected and restarted.
In order to access the exFAT partition when the device is connected via USB, Windows XP requires Service Pack 2 or later and Windows Vista requires Service Pack 1 or later.

exFAT driver update for Windows XP and Server 2003
exFAT driver update for Windows Vista is part of SP1
Only use the disk utility of the network drive and do not format the drive on your computer!

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