Address Book


InteractiveSharing provides a function to help manage your contacts. Address Book allows you to manage the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of your contacts. It also allows you to classify the contacts into groups. All of the contact information is presented clearly in a list box.


The tool bar at the top of the window provides one-click access to key commands. There are 7 quick access buttons. Some of them are invalid under certain conditions.

The functions of the buttons on the toolbar are shown in the table below.

Button Function Description
Refresh Refreshes the content of the album
Add Group Adds a contact group
Delete Group Deletes a contact group
Edit Group Click this button to login and edit the name of a group
Add Contact Adds a contact
Delete Contact Deletes a contact
Remove from Group Removes a contact from a group

Group List

All of the contact groups are listed in the Group List. By default, the group “All” will exist on the top. This group contains all the contacts, and cannot be deleted or edited.

Contact List

Select a group from the Group List, and the contacts belonging to that group will be displayed in the Contact List.

Contact Information Area

Select a contact from the Contact List, and the information of that contact will be displayed in the Contact Information Area.

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