Album show


Album Show is an application that shows the albums. It also provides access for common visitors to access your NAS and view the published albums.

Get Access

There are two methods to access published albums on the NAS.

Method 1

For NAS users who log into interactiveSharing, click the Play button on the toolbar of the Album Application, Album Show will open in a new window or tab.

Method 2

For common users, launch the web browser and input the URL In the URL, device and registrationname should be changed to the MAC address or registered name of the object NAS.

NAS Login users can access the published albums of all the users and the albums shared to them. Common visitors can only access the published albums.

Album List

In the album list on the left side of the Album Application window, there are two entries for logged-in users. Click ALBUMS the albums of the logged-in user will be displayed. Click SHARED, the albums shared to logged-in users by other NAS users will be displayed. Common visitors can only visit the albums published on the NAS.


The tool bar at the top of the window provides one-click access to key commands. There are 4 quick access buttons. Some of them are invalid under certain conditions.

The functions of the buttons on the toolbar are shown in the table below.

Button Function Description
Back Click this button to go back to the former window
Refresh Click this button to refresh the content of the album
Link Click this button to show the embedded code of selected item
Download Click this button to download selected items to a local computer
Login Click this button to login to the NAS.
Help Click this link to show the help documentation.
Language Click this button to change the language of the Album Show

Context Menu

The context menu pops up when the user right-clicks on an item (a folder or a file). Here is an example:

The following table gives all the commands contained in the context menu.

Command Description
Open Opens an item
Download Downloads selected items
Link Shows the URL link and embedded html code of the selected item
Select All Selects all items in the current window
Sort by name/ size/ type/ creation date Arranges items in different orders.
Set as Background Sets the selected picture as the background image.
Refresh Refreshes the window.

Change the View

At the bottom right of the status bar (bottom bar), click any of the Toggle View buttons to change the view of the content window. Six views are available: view as thumbnail, view as details, view as list, view as slide show, view as cover flow and view as 3D wall. *NOTE: You may need to maximize the window to view the Toggle View buttons.

More information is described below:

View Description
Thumbnail Displays the content as large icons and file name.
Detail Displays the content as a list along with large icons and detailed information
List Displays the content as a table along with small icons and detailed information
Slide show Displays the content as a slide show switching from one item to the next in a show type format.
Cover flow Displays the content as cover flow similar to the Mac OS style.
3D wall Displays the content on a 3D wall. The 3D wall supports mouse dragging operations.

View Items

To view an item, just double click it. The browser will open the item. If it is a photo, it will opened by Image Viewer. If it is a media file it will be opened by Media Player.

Show the Link of an Item

If you wish to share an item in Album Show on your own webpage, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an item.
  2. Click the Link button on the toolbar or Link in the context menu. A dialog box will pop up.
  3. Copy the link to share it or copy the html code to embed the item to your webpage.

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