Downloader is a download management application that enables the user to easily download files to the NAS from any remote server via FileTP/BT/mldonkey. Downloader's simple-yet-powerful configuration options help simplify the downloading process and make downloaded file management easy.

If the download service is not running, please refer to Download to configure download service.

Task Categories/Transfers List

The left side of the Downloader window shows the options for viewing downloading files in different groups to help you manage them more efficiently. Click on any of the categories and the corresponding downloading files will be shown in the main Downloader window (Task List).

The following table identifies the fields shown in the Task Categories/Transfers List.

Icon Description
All Displays all of the downloads
Downloading Displays files that are currently being downloaded.
Queued Displays download files files that are waiting in the queue to be downloaded.
Paused Displays download files that have been paused or stopped.


Displays all of the quick access buttons. There are a total of 7 quick access buttons on the Downloader Toolbar

The following table describes the quick access buttons on the Downloader toolbar.

Button Function Description
Add Adds the URL address of the files that you want to download
Upload Uploads BT torrent files
Start Starts downloading
Pause Stops/Pauses downloading
Clear Deletes the task
Info Shows detailed information on the task. Double click a task in the task list and the task info page will also pop up.
Refresh Refreshes the task list

Task List

The task list (main Downloader window) displays tasks in accordance with the task categories. The task list displays basic information about each task. Double click on any task to see its detailed information.

The following table describes all of the fields shown on the task list.

Field Description
Status Identifies the current status of the downloading file, either Downloading or Paused: Downloading Paused
Network Identifies the current status of the network connection
File Stops downloading
Size Identifies the size of the file.
Progress Shows the current progress of the download. The user needs to refresh manually to view the current progress.
Downloaded Displays the amount that has been downloaded.
Comments Displays the comment information of the downloading file.
Sources Displays the total number of sources for the download.
Active Displays the number of active sources for the download.
Avail Displays the number of available sources for the download.
Age Displays the total time that the download has remained in the task list.
Last Displays the downloading time that the task has lasted.
Rate Displays the current download rate of the file.
ETA Displays the estimated amount of time remaining until the file is downloaded.
Priority Click the dropdown list to select the priorities for each task, There are a total of 11 levels:

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