File Management on a PC


If you have setup SAMBA service in System Preferences, you can access files on your NAS through the following steps.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

  2. Type \\IP address in the address field and press Enter.

  3. Input your username and password.

  4. It will then list all available folders and printers.

Please refer to Samba to setup Samba Service for your NAS.


The system also allows you to access files on your NAS through Webdav from a local or remote network.

  • If you want to access your NAS through Webdav remotely, you can use this syntax:Http:// Please replace the “xxx” with the server name of your NAS.
  • If you want to access the NAS on a local network, follow the steps below to map a network drive.
  1. Double-click on My Computer, go to the Tools menu and select Map Network Drive. Follow the setup wizard and fill in the path to your network drive.

  2. Enter the URL of your NAS. You can access your NAS through webdav from a local network by using this syntax: http://IPAddress/webdav/. If you want to access it remotely, the URL should be entered in the following format: The “xxx” should be replaced by the server name of your NAS.

  3. Click Connect using different credentials

  4. Input your username and password.

  5. After the connection is established, the system will list all of the files shared by your NAS.

By inputting \\IPAddress instead of the URL, you can also map your NAS as a network drive through SAMBA.


FTPS not FTP is supported by your NAS. For FTPS transfers, we recommend installing and using a dedicated FTP application, which can either be a free utility or shareware program.

You will need to make the following configurations on your FTP client software.

  • Please set the protocol type as SFTP.

  • The character set must be forced UTF-8 to avoid unrecognizable codes.

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