InteractiveSharing is the web-based management system of the Fantec NAS. It is intended to help the user manage and share NAS files, set up system configurations and services (such as file sharing service, downloading service, DLNA service, iTunes service etc.).

InteractiveSharing provides the functions to configure and manage your NAS. The main features include:

  • NAS system configuration management
  • NAS file management and sharing
  • Internal/External disk management
  • Album management, sharing and publishing
  • Downloading files via FileTP, BT and eDonkey.
  • Contacts management with address book.

System Requirements

The following table describes specific requirements for the operating system and web browser.

Operating System Web Browser
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3.1+, Safari 4+ (Chrome and Opera are under development)
MacOS X 10.5 Safari 4+, Firefox 3.5+

Recommended browser plug-ins

To make full use of all the functions and features the i-sharing platform offers, following browser plug-ins are recommended or even required.

  • Google Gears: This plug-in will allow you to drag-and-drop files from the computer to the browser's “web-top”.
  • Addobe Flash: Most of the Album View requires this plug-in.
  • Cooliris: The FW embedded the basic support to the Cooliris. In order to have the full features of facny “3D Wall” effects, it is recommended to add the Cooliris plug-in in the borwser.
  • Realplayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Players: These plug-ins are required when playing the corresponding media files.

Hard drive installation

To store your media files and make use of the download program, you need at least one USB drive or an internal hard drive that is partitioned and formatted for the server.

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