Ver. 20110325

  • Fixed: Limit syslog file size to prevent nandflash from being full.
  • Fixed: Improve updating process, return the message for firmware crash error, firmware dependence error and other errors( such as no more space for updating…etc )
  • Changed: Config file refresh rule. Use O_SYN and fsync to ensure it is written to disk.
  • Add: GPT partition table support for over 2TB partition.
  • Add: Reset button function, reset the administrator password and DHCP setting.

Ver. 20110303

  • Fixed: Display issue on 'Recycle bin' icon.
  • Fixed: Incorrect file creation time and modification time shown in 'My Server'.
  • Fixed: Recover file from 'Recycle bin' doesn't work with context menu command.
  • Fixed: Upload progress bar go backwards.
  • Fixed: Users need to re-mount SWAP partition manually after rebooting the device.
  • Fixed: System led keeps solid orange after firmware is updated.
  • Fixed: Disk formatting issue with EXT2/3 filesystem.
  • Fixed: Cannot set a photo as album background.
  • Fixed: Prevent administrator account from being deleted.
  • Changed: Set system spindown-check interval to 30mins.
  • Changed: Change the way of agent reporting while updating firmware manually.
  • Changed: Change the disk capacity unit to MB.
  • Changed: Rebuilding progress bar show on behind the disk raid name. (need to refresh manually)
  • Changed: Change the copyright announce to 2009-2011.
  • Add: USB unmount icon.
  • Add: Raid rebuild function.
  • Add: 'Eject' function and it's icon.

Ver. 20110214

  • Changed: Use XFS as default filesystem with DiskWizard.
  • Changed: Auto mount to home: If there's no disk is mounted to home folder, it will auto mount to home when you plug a external disk.
  • Changed: Enable all service such as SAMBA/NFS/FTPS/DLNA/iTunes/Download after home is mounted.
  • Changed: Spin down function
    1. Apply UI setting to HDD.
    2. If HDD does not run spin down, system will check it every 5 minutes.
    3. If HDD does not support spin down, it will return system message.
  • Fixed: UI relative bugs
    1. Desktop: Cannot display desktop icon after refresh the screen in IE.
    2. Album: Incorrect context menu displayed.
    3. Album Show: Incorrect URL link.
    4. Zip: Cannot show zip-file created by 'Add to zip' in IE
    5. Preferences: Add refresh button to SAMBA/FTPS/DLNA/iTunes/Download/NetWork/ setting page.

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