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Media Server


There are many kinds of DLNA-compatible devices, such as computers, TVs, cameras and game consoles. To make these devices able to access files on the NAS, make sure that the following conditions are included. Different devices may vary slightly in detail configuration.

Please refer to the documentation of your devices.

  1. Connect the DLNA-compatible devices and NAS to the local network.

  2. In your NAS, make sure that the DLNA service is enabled.

  3. When the devices boots, search for the NAS and add it to the media server list. The media files in the NAS will be accessible on DLNA compatible devices.


When iTunes service in enabled on your NAS, the shared music will automatically appear on iTunes and can be played directly.

Follow the steps below to configure iTunes server.

  1. Store the MP3 music files that you would like to access from iTunes on the network drive.

  2. If you have only just added your music files, wait until the music files have been added to the database of the NAS system.

  3. Start iTunes, go to Shared devices and select your network drive from the list. You can now play back your music files directly in iTunes.

If your files do not show up in iTunes, login to your network drive via web browser. Go to the iTunes preferences and set iTunes service again.

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