The Social Network application provides online access to social networking sites such as; Facebook, Google Picasa, Flickr, Youtube, etc. The application allows you to share your albums or other files with the social network community.

Currently, only Facebook can be used.

Share on Social Networking Sites


To share image files on Facebook, please follow these steps.

  • Click the Facebook icon on the social network panel. The Facebook window will appear.
  • Click Login to login your Facebook account details.

A new Facebook signup page window will be opened in your web browser. Input your registered email and password and then click Login.

After you log in, the Facebook window will be automatically closed. The interactivesharing Facebook window will automatically get your albums and pictures from Facebook.

  • Select an album from the album list, or click the plus button on the bottom left to create a new album.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, an alert message will appear above the page when you try to create a new album. Right click the message and choose “Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows”, the message will disappear.

  • Click the plus button under the content panel (right side of window), the “open” window will appear.

  • Select the images that you wish to upload.
  • Click Open and then you can see the shared pictures in the content window. The pictures will also be uploaded to Facebook
This application also supports drag and drop operations. You can drag a picture from the MyServer or Album application and drop it into the content panel. The picture will also be uploaded.

In Other Languages