USB Copy

USB Copy allows you to quickly back up data from a USB storage device such as an USB flash or USB card reader. When a USB drive is connected to your NAS via USB, all files on the USB drive can be copied to the internal hard drive of the network drive with a press on a single button.

Follow the steps below to complete USB Copy.

  1. Connect the USB drive to the front port of your network drive. We recommend using self-powered USB devices.

  2. Press the Copy button for one second to copy all the files from the attached USB drive to the ???? folder on the network drive. During the USB backup, the system LED will be flashing green.

  3. new folder with the current date and time will automatically be created and all files from the USB drive will be copied into it. When the backup is done, the USB drive will be ejected ??????.

  4. The USB drive can now be removed and the data can be accessed on the network drive

  • To safely remove the USB drive without doing a backup, go to the Disk Manager, select the external USB drive and click Remove in order to eject the drive.
  • When two USB drives are connected at the same time, it will only copy the data of the drive that has been connected first.

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