Services can be enabled and disabled according to your personal requirements. In general, when a service is not in use, we recommend to disable it.

DHCP Server

In most cases, the DHCP server should be disabled in order not to interfere with your existing DHCP server. At home, your router will be assigning the IP address or in the office, most likely a dedicated DHCP server is already running. When the network drive is connected directly to your computer via patch cable or if there is no other DHCP server on the local network, the DHCP server will be enabled automatically (IP, Mask, Gateway N/A).

SMB/FTP/WebDAV Service

By default, Samba, FTP and WebDAV services are enabled, allowing you to view files directly in your browser (WebDAV Service), transfer files with an FTP application (FTP Service) or by mounting the network drive via SMB (SMB Service). If you only use one of these services, we recommend disabling the others for security reasons. You can always enable it again later.

Media Service

The UPnP-AV media server can be used to share your photos, music and videos that are stored on the network drive with an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 video game console, WMP12 or other DLNA compatible devices that are connected to the same local network as well as stream music to iTunes media players.

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