System Appearance

To change the appearance of the system, click System Menu ยป System Appearance.

Set Desktop Wallpaper

To Change the desktop wallpaper:

  1. Click the Wall Paper tab.
  2. Click the BLUE Open button to select a directory.
  3. Click on a Directory and click the Open button at the bottom
  4. Select a picture and click the Apply button at the bottom.
  5. Select the position of the wallpaper.
  6. Select the background color for wallpaper (used when the wallpaper does not fully fill the screen)(does not apply when the position is set to Stretch).
  7. Click the Apply button at the bottom.

To set desktop slide show:

  1. Select a Folder
  2. Check the Slide Show.
  3. Input the slide show interval.
  4. Click the Apply button.
  5. Wallpaper will change to a diferent picture within your selected folder at the time interval you selected.

Change Desktop Theme

Click the Themes tab and select a theme from the box at the bottom, the selected theme is shown in the top box. The selected theme will take effect after clicking the Apply button at the bottom.

Change Language

Click the Language tab. Select a language and click Apply. The system language will immediately change.

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